Nutritional Density is similar to Productivity

When you’re being productive, you get your job done and feel great.  You have the sense that time has slowed down because you made so much progress. How do you think your body feels when you feed it empty calories? It wastes time processing those calories, trying to extract nutrients that aren’t there and in […]

The best gluten free products

I’ll add to this list over time: Buckwheat Groats – Oatmeal substitute, might need to add some honey for flavor Jovial Brown Rice Pasta – perfect substitute for normal pasta Rice Crackers – these are amazing!  All my gluten loving friends are obsessed with them too

Sleep, Water, Earthing, Binaural Beats, and EMF waves

Sleep:  – you need 7-8 hours.  Human sleep in 90 minute micro-cycles so 7.5 hours is often when you find yourself waking up naturally (or it’s the best time to set an alarm). – Quality does matter a lot, but quantity should not be discounted.  4 hours of quality sleep is not enough 😉  So […]

Reading is to jogging as meditation is to sprinting

I’ve always noticed that my mind just seems to work better after I read a novel for a while.  Most people are already aware that reading makes our minds stronger and that TV makes them weaker. When people think about the brian as a muscle that needs to be exercised, then the mechanism becomes obvious:  reading […]

Black tea increases concentration more than green tea

Something to think about since you’re all interested in optimal mental performance. Black tea increases concentration and focus the most.   Ceylon Black Tea (from Sri Lanka)  (don’t buy tea from China, too many heavy metals in them)   Image of the results below:  

Meal: Tuna and Chickpeas

Ingredients:  Wild Planet Canned Tuna, chickpeas, broccoli, olive oil, pistachios (bulk), prunes Time to make:  5 minutes – Eat 5 prunes before beginning preparation of meal– Rinse can of chickpeas in strainer, put 3/4’s of can onto plate– Rinse 3/4’s cup of broccoli in strainer under warm water for 1 minute, then microwave for 30 […]

How to eat Healthy at Chipotle

In lieu of the grand opening of Chipotle in Kendall Square at 2 Cambridge Center (right in the heart of the square by the red line T stop, TechStars/DogPatch Labs and Champions).  This is a fantastic location for the chain and I suspect will be one of their busiest locations in the Boston/Cambridge metro area […]

Mainstream News Site thinks Soybean Oil isn’t as “fatty” By Elizabeth Shimer Bowers Medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH “The gamma-tocopherol form of vitamin E seems to decrease allergy-related inflammation,” Bielory says. In a study from Michigan State University, animals that were given high doses of gamma-tocopherol before breathing in heavily polluted air had less inflammation in their nasal passages than animals […]

Canola has up to 5% trans-fat, not heart healthy

Dr. Cate has a great post on the evils of Canola Oil and how it’s in way more food than we realize (just like vegetable & soybean oil) and is one of the worst oils for you given it’s high trans-fat content: “Here in the US, there is no such labeling requirement, so most consumers […]