Cutting Carbs Activates Longevity Genes

We already knew that a Paleo Diet is one of the more optimal diets we’ve come across for humans.  Now, there’s more evidence from a scientist in the UK, showing that cutting carbs actually increases the activity of two genes key to youth and longevity.  See more here:

How Sound can Affect Health

Really interested article posted on CNN about how we are sound, how we live with sound and how it affects our health.  A couple points: 1.) You are a chord. This is obvious from physics, though it’s admittedly somewhat metaphorical to call the combined rhythms and vibrations within a human being a chord, which we […]

Price of Corn Rising, Increase value of Grass Fed Beef?

So if the price of corn rises, which means the price of grain fed beef is going to rise, will this get people to buy more grass fed beef or evaluate it more seriously from a cost perspective?  I’d love to see a microeconomic study on what is the price equilibrium in which a person […]

Apple a Day Keeps the Alzheimer’s Away

Some really interesting new benefits to eating apples, but as always, don’t over indulge to the relatively high fructose content and make sure they’re organic! It’s not as if apples didn’t have enough virtues. Sure, one a day keeps the doctor away. That’s because they’re rich in vitamin C and loaded with fiber, particularly pectin, […]

Cinnamon Helps Manage Blood Sugar

In yet another study done by the USDA, cinnamon has been shown to help regulate blood sugar.  In addition, people who consume cinnamon regularly have a higher blood antioxidant level. The method by which it lowers blood sugar is (as seen in previous studies, not this one) is that it increases the insulin sensitivity of […]

Low Carbohydrate Diet has Metabolic Advantages

The conclusion is ridiculous!  A study was done to determine if a moderate carb or low carb was better for reducing weight and cardiovascular disease risk.  Here is the study abstract: Objectives To compare the efficacy of a low-carbohydrate high-fat versus a moderate-carbohydrate low-fat diet for weight loss and cardiovascular risk reduction. Methods In a […]

Garlic Oil Helps Prevent Heart Disease

I think most people have heard about how healthy garlic is.  It seems to have a myriad of benefits, and as I like to say, “the worse, and the stronger, something smells in nature, the better it is for you” (assuming not rotten!). Here is yet another example of how the antioxidants in garlic help […]