Measure Everything

I’m amazed that people spend so much time going to the gym, yet fail to take the extra minute or two to incorporate practices that help them get the most out of their time there. One thing that people tend push to the side is keeping a thorough log of their gym routines. In order […]

Paleo Chicken Wings

Just wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Paul Jaminet’s Paleo Chicken Wings, they look amazing:

High Intensity Exercise recommended for longer life

A study in Denmark showed that the relative intensity of cycling is the most important factor in the life extension benefits of the exercise.  The higher intensity the people cycled, the more benefit they received (please keep in mind it does not mean that they cycled longer…typically when intensity is increased, the duration is decreased). […]

Studies confirm Cocoa’s benefits

More studies have confirmed something most of us already knew, that cocoa, the main ingredient in dark chocolate is quite good for you, being an antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and direct benefits such as a reduction in stroke potential. The easiest way to get these benefits is to eat a square of 85% or 90% dark chocolate […]

Low Polyunsaturated fat diet still has high Omega 3

This is actually a really interesting finding and again goes to show that the body can manufacture various nutrients. The Maasai eat a diet that’s mostly saturated fat, and very low in polyunsaturated fat, meaning they don’t get a lot of Omega 3 or Omega 6.  However, their cells are comprised of a small but […]