Single Large Protein Ingestion better after workout

This study showed that there was more muscle protein synthesis after consuming 25g of protein vs. consuming 25g spread out over multiple servings. A lesson to be learned with protein is that “pulsing” is more effective at increasing muscle protein synthesis than constant infusions of smaller amounts.  So having two big protein meals a day […]

Eat less carbs when you’re not active

This study was a bit of the obvious, but nonetheless, I’m glad to see a controlled study was done.  Essentially, a bunch of people exercised and drank sugar, while another group didn’t exercise and drank the same sugar.  The result, the less active people had a much higher swing in blood sugar which we know […]

Dietary Total Antioxidant Intake Correlates to Lower Body Fat

This is a really interesting study because it shows that the reduction in oxidative stress via an antioxidant rich diet correlates with lower body fat, lower oxidized cholesterol, lower triglycerides and blood sugar. Is any of this surprising?  Not especially, but does reinforce that people should be eating real foods because real foods have natural […]

Dried Plums (Prunes) fight Osteoporosis & are a Superfood

Prunes have a reputation of being eaten by old people for bowel motility, but they also happen to have more benefits that should make them a staple in your diet: 1. Prunes are the highest antioxidant fruit by weight (some blueberries can have more) 2. Prunes are extremely low in fructose! This is probably the […]

Neurologist becomes healthy on high fat and low carb

Here’s a great video by a neurologist who decided to dive into the actual science of how fats, carbs and protein affect us.  He said the research by experts was clear, a high fat, low carb diet is the way to lower your risk of heart disease. This doctor showed how he brought down his […]

Passive stretching for 20-40 minutes lowers blood glucose

It seems to me that anything that increases the ability for the muscle to take in sugar will lower your blood glucose.  The study below shows that 20-40 minutes lowers blood glucose. Unfortunately, that’s not really that convenient unless you’re watching TV or something similar.  I’ve read that going for a walk also helps keep […]

Cumin Lowers Stress and Blood Glucose

I’ve mentioned before the importance of having herbs and spices in your diet and now another study shows that cumin can lower stress and improve blood glucose:

Your 100% Orange Juice is not real

Ever wondered how all orange juice tastes the exact same year round?  That’s not how nature works and neither is 100% Orange Juice real.  They use essential oils and other flavorings derived from oranges (in the 100% orange juice case) to ensure the exact same taste and increase the shelf life. Here’s a blurb about […]

Herbs and Spices minimize damage from junk meals

I’ve always known that herbs and spices are the pieces of most people’s diets that’s not done well.  You’d think we’d put more emphasis on the fact that cinnamon can lower blood sugar by making muscle cells take up more glucose.  Or that turmeric in curry powder is thought to be the reason that India […]

Your morning chemicals

This was a great post outlining all the chemicals you put on your body in your morning routine when using your typical mainstream brands: