Low Carbohydrate Diet has Metabolic Advantages

The conclusion is ridiculous!  A study was done to determine if a moderate carb or low carb was better for reducing weight and cardiovascular disease risk.  Here is the study abstract: Objectives To compare the efficacy of a low-carbohydrate high-fat versus a moderate-carbohydrate low-fat diet for weight loss and cardiovascular risk reduction. Methods In a […]

Garlic Oil Helps Prevent Heart Disease

I think most people have heard about how healthy garlic is.  It seems to have a myriad of benefits, and as I like to say, “the worse, and the stronger, something smells in nature, the better it is for you” (assuming not rotten!). Here is yet another example of how the antioxidants in garlic help […]

Best Vitamin D Product

Vitamin D could be one of the most important vitamins that almost no one gets enough of.  The optimal version of Vitamin D is sunlight, 15-30 minutes a day with more than 70% of your body exposed (basically a bathing suit, or running with your shirt off…yes, obviously much easier for guys). But for these […]

Best Omega-3 Fish Oil Products

I’ll try to order these in terms of cost, convenience and quality factored in.  Also an explanation of what you’re looking for: What to look for: – Minimum per capsule:  300mg EPA / 200 DHA.  You want to consume approximately 1 gram of EACH per day…so about 4-5 capsules.  Sometimes quite a bit more depending […]

Russian develops antioxidant to be fountain of youth

http://inhumanexperiment.blogspot.com/2010/09/russian-scientist-claims-to-have-found.html This is pretty amazing in some sense, a Russian scientist claims to have develop an antioxidant that actually prolongs lifespan.  The reason this is different is because it targets the mitochondria (the furnaces inside your cells) and all other antioxidants don’t reach that deeply within the cell. Clinical trials on humans are underway, and […]

Brain needs downtime, try nature

Just read an interesting article by Matt Richtel in the New York Times.   Basically it’s saying that the brain needs downtime, and thus exercising with music deprives your brain of this time. It’s 1 p.m. on a Thursday and Dianne Bates, 40, juggles three screens. She listens to a few songs on her iPod, then […]

Dairy linked to Ovarian Cancer

The study below indicates again that the milk most American’s eat:  pasteurized (loses all enzymes and good bacteria) is probably not good for them since it’s acid forming and insulin generating.  My advice, stick to yogurt and raw cheese 🙂  (and eat lots of vegetables to counteract acid forming nature). Keep in mind, this study […]

Sugar – Fructose – damages health without excess calories

Really interesting article on how bad sugar is for you, and its roots in our evolution: Sugar damages our health in ways that have nothing to do with extra calories. Sugar’s power over us began during a time of starvation, when the ability to get fat off of sugar was a survival tool for our […]

Fruit and Vegetables Contain Methanol

I came across this snippet that I found fascinating on Dr. Mercola’s site.  The focus of the article was if there are really any health benefits to alcohol consumption.  However, he explained how the naturally occurring methanol in fruits is bound to their pectin and thus never get absorbed, while the alcohol we drink (which […]

Exercises to build the V taper of your back and abs

One of my readers sent me an email today asking the following question: What muscle is it that creates the v around your waist line? And what is the best excersie to make it more defined? The V usually refers to your back muscles actually, meaning, you need to have a wide upper back that […]