Your morning chemicals

This was a great post outlining all the chemicals you put on your body in your morning routine when using your typical mainstream brands:

Sun exposure more dangerous when it’s cloudy

This past weekend, I was out playing basketball from 11-1.  Normally, if it were sunny, I wouldn’t get burned because I already have a good base tan and it’s the peak UVB period.  UVB rays are what causes Vitamin D to be synthesized in the skin, which is what you want.  UVA rays penetrate deeper, […]

General Supplements For Performance

This post will be updated over time, but just wanted to get a few posted for the time being: Omega 3’s (myriad of benefits primarily from being anti-inflammatory): EPA: DHA: Magnesium Malate: Note:  Citrate or Glycinate are also good chelated forms.  Should always be supplemented with Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 & K2 […]

Fructose (Agave or HFCS), not glucose, elevates cardiovascular risk

This could be one of the most direct studies showing the difference between consuming fructose and glucose. In this study, researchers examined 48 adults between the ages of 18 and 40 years and compared the effects of consuming 25 percent of one’s daily calorie requirement as glucose, fructose or high fructose corn syrup on risk […]

Will Weight Be Abstracted Away?

It seems that the Federal Government is getting its acting together and how now changed its stance on the idea of patenting genes.  The new opinion is that genes were produced in nature and should not be able to be patented.  Let’s hope that this actually make it into law and at the same time, […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Brain

There was a great article today on the Huffington Post talking about ways to improve brain function.  I love that all of them are things that I practice: 1.  Exercise 2.  Calorie Restriction (only Intermittent Fasting) 3.  Curcumin (most active ingredient in turmeric, the main spice in curry.  Remember to eat turmeric with black pepper, […]

Cutting Carbs Activates Longevity Genes

We already knew that a Paleo Diet is one of the more optimal diets we’ve come across for humans.  Now, there’s more evidence from a scientist in the UK, showing that cutting carbs actually increases the activity of two genes key to youth and longevity.  See more here:

How Sound can Affect Health

Really interested article posted on CNN about how we are sound, how we live with sound and how it affects our health.  A couple points: 1.) You are a chord. This is obvious from physics, though it’s admittedly somewhat metaphorical to call the combined rhythms and vibrations within a human being a chord, which we […]

Price of Corn Rising, Increase value of Grass Fed Beef?

So if the price of corn rises, which means the price of grain fed beef is going to rise, will this get people to buy more grass fed beef or evaluate it more seriously from a cost perspective?  I’d love to see a microeconomic study on what is the price equilibrium in which a person […]

Apple a Day Keeps the Alzheimer’s Away

Some really interesting new benefits to eating apples, but as always, don’t over indulge to the relatively high fructose content and make sure they’re organic! It’s not as if apples didn’t have enough virtues. Sure, one a day keeps the doctor away. That’s because they’re rich in vitamin C and loaded with fiber, particularly pectin, […]