Paleo Diet better than carb based diet

There was a great post today comparing the nutrient values from small samples of different food by category.  Here’s the summary of what was determined and it speaks loads to the quality of a Paleo type diet: Calorie for calorie Summary: – Fibrous vegetables provide more fiber and protein than sugar, grains, starchy vegetables and […]

Low Carb Diet Prevails over Low Fat 3 studies major studies, one in ’07, ’08, and 2010 have all concluded that a low carb diet helps participants lose more weight, keep it off and produce a better metabolic environment than the low fat diet. See my previous post, eat more saturated fat too!

Saturated Fat is good for you

Let’s get one thing straight, saturated fat is actually great for you.  Starting eating more coconut oil.  Seriously, you’ll be better off.